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Going 8(a) is a training and mentoring program dedicated to teaching minorities (ages 20 - 39) how to build wealth through the Federal Government's 8(a) business development program.


Training and Mentorship for Minority 



Substance over Style

Going 8(a) is focused on providing honest, actionable guidance and instruction to its students.  Emphasis is placed on delivering the information necessary to successfully start and run a Government contracting business utilizing the 8(a) program.  Our instructors are business owners and government professionals who are volunteering their personal time to provide this training to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Disclaimer: Our classes and recordings are not professionally produced.  At this time, we are focused on getting valuable information to our students, we will worry about the production quality later.

Vincent Lott, Organizer

How We Do It

How We Do It


Live Training Sessions via WebEx


Live Video GroupCasts with 8(a) Pioneers


All Training and Discussions Recorded

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Content Distributed In Video and Podcast Form

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