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Session #1  - Cut To the Chase!

Just tell me how to win a Government Contract!

This session explains the two primary methods for winning a Federal Government contract.  It describes the 8(a) Sole Source benefit and lays the groundwork for future training.

Note: Technical difficulties started at the 5 minute mark. Just move the slider to the 10 min mark where the class resumes.

Session Recording (Click Here)
Password:  bQX3Ctwy

Session #2  - What Business Should I Start?

Understanding where the Government spends money.

This session explains how to identify where the Federal Government is spending money and more specifically, where it's spending money with 8(a) companies.  It also shows students how to identify their NAICS code to research spending in that specific industry.

Session Recording (Click Here)

Password: vUVEkmR4

Session #3 - What Business Should I Start? (Part 2)

A look into "Professional Services" and Staffing

This session explains how minority contractors are making tremendous revenue and profit through "Professional Services" also known as Staffing services for the Federal Government.  These staffing opportunities should be considered when deciding on a line of business.

Correction: The trainer incorrectly states that OH and G&A remain static as Labor Rates increase. Actually, both OH and G&A also increase with higher Labor Rates.

Session Recording (Click Here)

Password: Avng83k8

Session #4 - Setting Up Your Govt. Contracting Business

What's necessary and what's not necessary.

This session discusses the basic steps of establishing your business.  We also discuss the benefits of obtaining the Federal, State and Local certifications for which you qualify (other than 8a).

Session Recording (Click Here)
Password: RukXcVM2
Presentation Slides: (slide deck)

Session #5 - Your Focus for the next 12 months

The critical milestones and activities you must focus on.

This session focuses on the four main priorities that you much manage in order to move to the next stage of your Government contracting journey.  We acknowledge that Feeding Your Family is priority number one.  However, you must do more than that to position yourself for the 8(a) program. 

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: JsQMZ6HC

Session #6 - How to make $100K through your business

The Mind Transplant

In this session we discussed the mindset we must have to transition from Employee to Entrepreneur.  We then discussed specific strategies to get $100K through your business.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: aYFifvN7

Session #7 - Understanding the Federal Govt Contracting Game

Who Are The Players?

In this session we discussed the makeup of the Federal Agency and who the "Buyers" are.  The distinctions between the roles within the Agency is VERY important to understand before engaging an Agency to get work.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: vWdn4dC9

Session #8 - Federal Small Business Contracting

Leveraging Your Advantages!

This session discussed the Federal Government's efforts to help small businesses in different categories.  The session helps you determine if you should seek these certifications and how they give you an advantage over other businesses.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: FpXU8E7F

Session #9 - The Mission of the Agency

It Ain't About You

This session explained that we as small businesses must approach agencies with a basic understanding of the mission that agency is trying to accomplish for the American public.  We also discuss how the Requirements of the Program Teams are meant to accomplish the mission and how Small Businesses are identified to meet the requirements.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: Yreqdn2a

Session #10 - Open Questions and Answers Session

Where are you stuck?

This session was an open forum for our students.  We checked in to see where they were making progress and if there were areas where they were stuck.  We appreciate those that shared they're progress on this call.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: 65VzUwhK

Session #11 - Getting Your Foot In the Door (Part 1)

Marketing 101

This session discussed the things you need to have in place BEFORE you start approaching the Federal Government.  We also discussed how to target so your marketing efforts will be more productive.  Presentation slides are below.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: DnkF33Pw

Presentation Slides: (Slides)

Session #12 - Getting Your Foot In the Door (Part 2)

Marketing 101

This session will continue the previous discussion but will move into identifying the specific buyers that you should target with your marketing efforts.  There are 4 types of buyers who each have their own motivations and expectations.  We will also discuss the common responses you will get from them and how to handle their attempts to send you elsewhere.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: 7MzEMcXq

Presentation Slides: (Slides)

Session #13 - Finding Federal Opportunities

Smoke and Mirrors!

One of the hardest lessons to learn in Federal Contracting is that publicly advertised "opportunities" are not available to everyone.  No one in the Federal Government will admit this but it's the truth.  This session will teach you how to identify opportunities that YOU should pursue. 

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: BhQjuYQ3

Session #14 - The Evolution of a Contract Opportunity

The Birds and The Bees

By now you've learned where contracts come from.  However, it's important to understand the stages a requirement goes through to determine how it will be contracted.  Through this understanding you will know how to position yourself for opportunities that you can secure (even before you get your 8a). 

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: RihfKJV7

Session #15 - Maximizing Your Conversations with Decision Makers

Matchmaking Events

The Federal Government hosts various events to allow small businesses to come and meet government buyers.  During these events there is often a "matchmaking" session to have one-one-one time with a decision maker.  This session teaches you how to approach and maximize these brief 10 minute discussions.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: bPTkp6Nw

Session #16 - How to Win Subcontracting Opportunities

Who, What, Where and Why

Many small businesses start out in Federal Government as a Subcontractor.  This session will help you understand where to find subcontracting opportunities and how to position yourself as the best choice for the Prime contractor.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: cBmiAp7f

Session #17 - Contract Types

Understanding Vehicles

This session will introduce you to the different types of contracts that Federal Agencies use to get work accomplished.  It's important to identify "the way they buy" the services you're selling.  You want to make sure you're looking for opportunities in the right places.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: 4yFpYF3H

Session #18 - Doing Your Homework! - Part I

Getting Smart

This session will teach you how to approach research for federal government contracting.  Research allows you to understand what your target customer buys, how they buy it, and who they are buying it from.  We take an Agency recommendation from one of the class participants and we walk through a live demonstration of researching that agency.  

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: 5CbsxMH3
Presentation Slides: (Click Here)

Session #19 - Doing Your Homework! - Part II

Getting Smart

This session continues the live demonstration of researching Federal Agencies and Contracts.  This session shows you how to use USA Spending to research the types of contracts an agency is issuing. 

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: dPctFNy5

Presentation Slides: (Click Here)

Session #20 - Competitor Homework - Part III

Getting Smart

This session focuses on identifying your true competition at an agency.  You'll learn how to determine if an agency is friendly to 8(a) companies or not.  You'll also learn how to identify the 8(a) companies that are winning the most work at an agency.  This opens the door for possible mentorships and teaming arrangements.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: uQPYJsG4

Presentation Slides: (Click Here)



Gerald Boyd, Jr.

CEO, DB Consulting

July 9, 2020 at 6:00pm EST

Gerald Boyd, Jr. founded DB Consulting in 2000.  Gerald has grown his business through the 8a program to earning over $80M in annual revenue.  In 2008, Gerald led his company to win three major Federal contracts valued at $325M. 

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: 6FucVfd3 


Willie Woods

Retired CEO, Digital Systems Intl.

July 16, 2020 at 6:00pm EST

Willie Woods founded Digital Systems Research in 1988.  He grew the business through the 8a program to annual revenues of over $100M before selling the business in 2001.  He now provides business consulting services.

Session Recording: (Click Here)
Password: 2RpuDKM3


Cedric Knight

CEO, New Directions Technologies, Inc.

July 23, 2020 at 6:00pm EST

Cedric Knight founded NDTI in 1994.  NDTI is a graduate of the 8a program and has successfully won competitive Federal Contracts outside of the 8a program.  One of which is NASA's $40M IT Services contract at Kennedy Space Center.

Not recorded


Thomas Rumph

CEO, Rumph and Associates, P.C.

Date TBD

Join the Meeting: TBD

Password: Going8a


Stacey Mollison

CEO, Libra Management Group

Date TBD at 6:00pm EST

Join the Meeting: TBD
Password: Going8a


Ron Saxton


Date TBD at 6:00pm EST

Ron Saxton founded SAWTST in 2006.  From the company's Headquarters in Newnan, Georgia, Ron has grown the business through the 8a program to annual revenues of  $35M.

Join the Meeting: TBD
Password: Going8a

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